Shinsegae Department Store

Project: Shinsegae Department Store

Location: Seoul South Korea

Product: Multiple Custom Finishes

Specifier: RYA Design Consultancy

Description: SPE spent over a year creating custom plaster techniques to assist RYA on their custom wall finish selections, further complimenting their design aesthetic to stay in harmony with the re-branding image of the new store. Ten different finishes and over 38,000 square feet of material were used in the Shinsegae project, all of which utilized products from the Seamless Stone wall finishes line.

A Direct Quote from Mike Wilkins, Creative Director/Partner, RYA Design Consultancy:

“RYA was selected by Shiinsegae to create a world-class, luxury specialty store, on the site of an existing Shinsegae in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Interior finish items were critical to the success of the re-branding of the store, and it was agreed from the outset that SPE’s participation in the project would be a major determinate of that success. A team of local plaster workers were trained by a representative of SPE and also worked alongside them during installation. The store opened in March 2007 to uniformly high praise, both from the retailing community and from the customers.”