Pilgrim's Pride World Headquarters

Project: Pilgrim’s Pride World Headquarters

Location: Pittsburg, Texas

Product: Venetian Plaster

Specifier: Scott & Strong Architects & Interiors

Description: A Direct Quote by the Designer, Tamesha Root:

“Our clients wanted their new corporate headquarters to be somewhat conservative-yet also illustrate their progressive approach within their industry. The building and interiors successfully combine these features. The age-old art of plastering has been somewhat modernized enabling designers to afford this beautiful craft in our modern-day projects. Hence, Seamless Stone Wall Finishes were the perfect choice for Pilgrim’s Pride: tradition on the progressive track.

We selected the venetian plaster finish for it’s amazing capability of mimicking polished stone. We were able to simulate polished stone columns at a fraction of the cost of actual stone, yet still maintain a hard and durable finish that will endure the test of time. The finished product is truly precisely what we were looking for. These custom handcrafted finishes were expertly installed on walls, ceilings and columns on five floors for lobby areas, corridors, executive offices and other public spaces including the main receiption area.”