Bowie House Hotel

Project: Bowie House Hotel

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Architect/Designer: Boka Powell/ 8080 Design Studio

A direct quote from Megan Linquest – Boka Powell / 8080 Design Studio

“We were honored to have Southwest Progressive represented on one of our most prestigious projects showcasing your exquisite plaster work at Bowie House Hotel. The professionalism and enthusiasm exhibited by you and your team members is truly commendable. I am so grateful for all the help on Bowie House. Without you, the hotel would not be the success that it is today. The positive feedback we received from our guests regarding your finishes speaks volumes about the quality and craftsmanship that Southwest Progressive is known for. Your dedication to delivering exceptional products and service aligns perfectly with our commitment here at Boka Powell / 8080 Design Studio to providing our clients with top-notch materials for their hospitality spaces.”

At the Bowie House Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, Southwest Progressive Enterprises high end decorative plaster finishes were installed in the main lobby, prefunction, elevator lobbies, bar/restaurant and various other public areas throughout the space. The primary finish installed throughout the main lobby was a custom finish created to have subtle movement and a soft almost suede type of appearance. This finish was provided in the main Lobby and public areas achieving the Modern American West feel the design team was aiming for. In the restaurant and bar areas, a unique design in a cross-hatch pattern was used for the column base while a custom honed metal-look plaster was selected for one of the main features of the lobby , “the 4-sided grand fireplace”. Other decorative plaster finishes were used as backdrops for the antique furniture and wood accents achieving the overall design aesthetics.