Project: Aria

Location: Naples, FL

Product: Seamless Stone Wall Finishes

Specifier: Marc Michaels Interior Designs

Description: A direct quote from Marc-Michaels Senior Designer Suzanne Crescioni, and President Andrea Hurt:
“Aria’s overall spaces are inspired by the colors and materials found in the gulf front setting of the building. The lobby grand stair seems to float in space as it spirals to the second floor. Behind it we wanted to capture the movement of the sand from warm to light sand tones – A subtle tribute to the Naples beaches. The efforts of Southwest Progressive Enterprises met and exceeded our design challenge with Seamless Stone Wall Finishes in a gradient of color application.”

Over 30,000 sqft of exclusive custom patterns were created specifically for this project and were expertly installed in the two main lobby areas including the domes, 17 floors of elevator lobbies along with additional public spaces.