American Express Centurion Lounge Miami

Project: American Express Centurion Lounge

Location: Miami International Airport

Product: Seamless Stone Wall Finishes – Hand Formed Sculptural

Specifier: Corgan, Dallas

Description: Direct quote Elizabeth Davies, Corgan: “American Express approached Corgan to help design a high-end passenger lounge located in Terminal D at the Miami International Airport (MIA). All card members have the opportunity to visit the premier American Express lounge to enjoy spa therapy, relaxing lounge seating, shower suites, and gourmet food. Given the unique curved floor plan, and the high volume of traffic with rolling baggage coming through the space, we knew we needed a durable finish on the walls. However, we didn’t want to sacrifice the style and elegance that the rest of the AMEX Lounge embodied. Having worked with Southwest Progressive Enterprises in the past, and understanding their range of custom capabilities, we recognized they were the ones we needed to partner with to develop an extraordinary finish. Southwest Progressive Enterprises worked tirelessly with Corgan and American Express in order to achieve a unique design that is now one of the most notable features in the lounge.”