Green Environmental Statement


Southwest Progressive Enterprises is the leading provider of “Green” Seamless Stone™ Wall Finishes in the United States and Caribbean markets.  Our products are pure and green by nature (natural stone products) and most, if not all, do not give off any VOCs during application or in the months afterwards. Another key factor in our products is that they may be re-used or recycled in a number of ways rather than being put in a landfill.

The material longevity of our products is unsurpassed when properly applied and maintained and its lifespan exceeds several generations.  Our products are not only more cost effective in the long term, but also make a significant contribution to the environment when you look at the life cycle of other wall finishes such as paint or wall coverings.

Southwest Progressive Enterprises has a company goal to be the industry leader in providing the greenest and most environmentally friendly Seamless Stone™ Wall Finishes available anywhere in the world. That goal has been achieved.