Venetian Macau

Project: Venetian Resort Hotel

Location: Macau China

Product: Seamless Stone Wall Finishes

Specifier: Wilson & Associates, Dallas Office

Description: A direct quote from Scott Dorn – Project Manager for Wilson & Associates

“Collaborating with Southwest Progressive Enterprises was integral to our design process; from sampling custom colors and finishes to actually traveling to China to help train the final craftsmen and installers, SPE assisted the Wilson Associates design team in every way. The final result is a project extremely rich in detail, where traditional materials were combined in a variety of applications, helping to create the Venetian Macau as the most opulent casino and gaming environment anywhere.”

“As the largest casino development in the world, the Venetian Macao is a highly themed gaming and retail destination. Designed as a series of experiences and environments, the casino floor encompasses 5 distinct gaming zones, each with their owner set of finishes and design aesthetics influenced by an Asian sensibility. Additionally, the heavily ‘Italian’ inspired public areas of the project required custom plaster techniques and products. SPE helped us develop a design palette unique to each of these themed areas, creating custom wall finishes that really enhance and compliment the overall design concept.”