Our Clients


I just want to let you know that I have a very good experience with Seamless Stone Wall Finishes throughout my projects at HKS. As you know, the products we use on our projects must be not only pleasing aesthetically, but also have to be functionally durable, cost efficient and have a long term life cycle. I am impressed with the Seamless Stone Wall Finishes your company represents because they meet the above requirements and more - the quality and the appearance of the stone-like finishes, different seamless options, great selection of color/finishes, ease of maintenance and value. I want to continue to grow our relationship that we have had over the past ten years because of you and your staff's prompt attention and enthusiastic attitude of producing samples, especially at short notice. I also like the "can do" attitude and the constant desire for improvements. Most importantly, the final product and installation speaks for itself with satisfied clients.
I would like to thank Southwest Progressive Enterprises for your continued years of service in satisfying our design needs for wall finishes with your unique line of Seamless Stone Wall Finish products. Your company's ability to create unlimited combinations of custom finishes and custom colors to match our design and performance requirements is why you continue to be the industry leader. I look forward to working with your firm on our upcoming projects.
– Gensler
Once again, you have created such a beautiful product in Seamless Stone Wall Finishes for our most recent installation at Quincy Jones's house. You and your installers were one of the few companies that his assistant raved about! It makes me so proud that I can recommend a vendor who not only does a great job for my staff but also follows through with service to my very high profile clients. In 1995 and again in 2005, my staff awarded you and your associates with our annual "Point of Excellence Award" which honors those that go the extra mile for my staff. When a designer asks for a sample or technical help, you try to accommodate same day service. From Disney to Hyatt, from Four Seasons to Ritz Carlton, from Hummer to Cadillac, your Seamless Stone Wall Finishes fills all niches of design. From rugged to smooth, from contemporary to traditional, no job is too small or too large to handle. Again, thank you for your continued service to my company and for the friendship that we have.
We were impressed with your teams responsiveness, professionalism and with the quality of their work. It was a refreshing experience to see your team be so dedicated to finishing the work within a very tight schedule as requested, while constantly maintaining the desire to provide quality work. Thanks to Southwest Progressive Enterprises we were able to finish on time and deliver to our guests a quality product that makes us all very proud. I look forward to working with you and your team on future projects. – Kerzner Sorin Zdrahal, Executive Vice President, Kerzner International
We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much Manhattan Construction Company appreciates your contribution to the success of the construction and timely completion of the Cowboys New Stadium. In many aspects it was a very complex and awesome construction project. However, due to the diligence, concentrated and assertive efforts of Southwest Progressive Enterprises and all of its dedicated employees, a successful completion was attained. Your entire staff was exceptional in the performance required and teamwork necessary to bring this project to reality, and we look forward to working with you on many more projects in the future.
- John W. Dixon, Dallas - Ft. Worth Division President
Southwest Progressive Enterprises' follow through on budget pricing, creating custom samples, successfully completing the installation and providing our clients with timely information on care and maintenance is what I believe to be major reasons for your continued success. I look forward to working with your firm on our upcoming projects and I thank you for your successful partnership on past projects. – Leo A. Daly
Congratulations on the excellent installation you have just completed for me at Las Colinas Tower II! The finish closely matches an unusually striated Lens Limestone that even where the limestone and the SPE finishes meet, it is impossible to tell the difference. The owner from New York was in town yesterday and his first comment to me, after expressing his pleasure in the completed project was "If I had known SPE's work was going to look this good... It even has the pit marks of the real limestone. You can't really tell the difference. – Nan Gammon, IIDA President